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Auditions - The Tempest

Posted on Oct 02, 2018 by William Shakespeare

Sunday 4th November from 11am to 4pm at The MADC Clubrooms for

THE TEMPEST by William Shakespeare directed by Stephen Oliver


Performance Dates: 1st – 10th July 2019 Rehearsals commence mid May 2019                  

Audition Date: Sunday 4th November from 11am.

Location:  The MADC Clubrooms, St. Venera.


Director’s brief: I am very excited and honoured to have been asked to direct MADC’s 2019 Shakespeare play in San Anton Gardens. The Tempest is Shakespeare’s last play and gives a fascinating insight into his thinking in his latter years. My plan is to use water in the shape of a large pool surrounded by the set. The design feel will be contemporary with some homage paid to the original Elizabethan time period. The people in this play are from two worlds; a desolate island and the world at large. In keeping with the still prevalent gender inequalities, I have decided that those on the island will be female and the world outside all male. It was men that exiled Prospera and her daughter to their fate. In cutting the play, I have reduced the cast to 13 – 4 women, 9 men and removed some of the smaller roles – nymphs, extra ship’s crew etc.

Here is the breakdown of the roles:

Prospera (F) is the magic exiled Duchess of Milan.  She is parent of Miranda - playing age 40’s to 50 PRECAST.

King Alonso (M) is the King of Naples who is in the shipwreck & believes his son Ferdinand drowned - playing age 40’s.

Sebastian (M) is the power hungry sibling of King Alonso - playing age mid 20’s to mid 30’s.

Stephano (M) is a butler and a clown - playing age 30’s to early 40’s.

Ariel (F) is a non-human bird like creature.  She serves Prospera - playing age 20’s. (NB this is a very physical role and this character is in and out and underwater a great deal)

Antonio (M) is Prospera’s power hungry sibling.  He schemed to exile Prospera - playing age 30’s to 40’s.

Trinculo (M) is a clown - playing age 30’s.

Ferdinand (M) is Prince of Naples, son of King Alonso.  He falls in love with Miranda - playing age 18-25. (NB This character goes in the water at one time.)

Miranda (F) is the daughter of Prospera.  She falls in love with Ferdinand - playing age 18 to 25.

Caliban (F) is not human.  She is raised by Prospera and now enslaved by her.  Playing age 20’s to 30’s. (NB This is a very physical role).

Gonzalo (M) is a noble gentleman who advises King Alonso.  He saved Prospera and Miranda when they were exiled.  Playing age 50’s to 60’s.


In addition there are two further roles – the Boatswain and Captain who are in the play a lot. Both male age irrelevant. NB These roles go in the water at one time.


Please email (subject: The Tempest) for an audition slot.  Once you register to audition and indicate your preferred role we will send you the passage - please learn if possible.