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Dates & Time:
  • Saturday, 19 Oct 2019, 19-10-2019 20:00


By Keith Johnstone's

Directed By:
Venue: MADC Clubrooms - St. Venera
Dates: 19 October 2019 - 19 October 2019
Doors Opening Time: 19.00
Shawn Kinley
A group of improvisers will be performing Keith Johnstone’s Maestro™ - a show played around the world in more than 50 countries. Directed live by Shawn Kinley, Maestro™ is a competitive improvisation show where performers play against each other to be the last performer to survive. What is the show about? Nobody knows, that is the beauty of improvisation! Performers will create spontaneous scenes under the suggestions of the director and audience, building the show one scene at a time before your very eyes. The audience scores the scenes and lower-scoring players are eliminated one by one. This is a format that combines theatre and sport, providing the audience with a unique, interactive experience.

This format has never before been played in Malta and is a unique opportunity for Maltese audiences to experience a form of theatre that is loved all over the world. Come be a part of a show in which you, the audience, decide who will be the last actor standing!